Armonia’s First Digital Wallet App APLink is Now Available on Google Play Store

Armonia’s First Digital Wallet App APLink is Now Available on Google Play Store

Armonia Blockchain Technology Pte. Ltd. (“Armonia”) is pleased to announce that its first digital wallet App APLink has passed extended reviews and is now available on Google Play for global users to download.

As the world’s first blockchain ecosystem aggregator, APLink offers a continuously evolving range of featured functions such as assets operations across multiple public chains and multiple platforms, and interaction of multi-chain applications.

Google Play serves customers in more than 170 countries and regions. After the APLink App is published on Google Play, users can download and update it on either a smart phone or via computer browser. Its availability on Google Play is an important role in Armonia’s global expansion.

Armonia kindly reminds all users that, after installing APLink on your devices, kindly consider giving our App a five-star rating to improve our Google Play Store ranking and overall user adoption. Users will be rewarded with an  APLink rights certificate, which provides users with a variety of value-added benefits from the Armonia ecosystem, including industry investment research reports and seminars, bidding, winning blind boxes, and discounted administration fees.

At Armonia we continue to focus on driving technology development and innovation, endeavoring to provide APLink users with various DApps of DeFi, DEX, and NFT modules across multiple blockchains with a single click. We spare no effort to provide our users with a secure, safe, convenient, and efficient blockchain ecosystem experience.

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