Privacy crypto protocol Railgun to support Ren assets (renBTC, renZEC)

Ren, a network for cross-chain exchange, announced that Railgun, a smart contract system providing privacy to crypto users via zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs), now supports renBTC and renZEC.

Integration of Ren with Railgun allows users to take advantage of Railgun’s privacy attributes and combine it with interoperability.

By using Railgun, user’s wallet addresses will be removed from their actions and transactions on blockchains where that information was previously public. Railgun users will enjoy privacy when trading, using leverage platforms, and when providing liquidity to decentralized applications (dApps).

“The collaboration with Railgun will continue to be fruitful for both communities; by helping to expand each other’s networks and bring interoperability and privacy features to both ecosystems. The Railgun community will also be exploring RenJS to enable native deposits into their ecosystem.”
– The Ren Team

How To Use Railgun

  1. Bridge BTC or ZEC to Ethereum via RenBridge:
  2. Deposit assets into the Railgun ecosystem by following these directions.
  3. Utilize these assets in DeFi as you would otherwise.